Low Voltage Manufacturing and Supply

  • Main Distribution Panels UP TO 8000AMPS (TTA)
  • SUB Main Distribution Panels
  • Final Branch Distribution Panels
  • Motor Control Centers (DRAWOUTAND FIXED)
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Synchronizing Panels
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Lighting Control Panels
  • HVAC Control Panels
  • Enclosed Motor Starters
  • Disconnect Switches
  • Operation Theater Panels(SURGICAL PANELS)
  • Push Button Boxes
  • Connection Boxes
  • Industrial Socket Outlet Panels
  • BERTH Panels (for marine power supply)

Our Company provides the full range of low voltage distribution panels, starting at the initial source of electricity and ending at the final branch distribution panel, thus passing through the following phases:


  • Synchronization Panels – Totalizing Panels.

Source selection

  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS’s)


  • Main Distribution Switchboards
  • Sub Main Distribution Switchboards


  • Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) – including
    Soft Starters, Variable speed drives.


  • Capacitor Banks

Final Distribution

  • Final Branch Distribution Panels

The full range of Low Voltage Distribution Switchboards can be supplied in both:

  • PTTA: Partially Type Tested Assemblies
  • TTA: Totally Type Tested Assemblies

In compliance with IEC 439-1 Standards.