ECOFIT™ Masterpact M to Masterpact NW upgrade solutions cost-effectively :

Even if you keep your installation in perfect operating condition for many years, upgrading it will ultimately become a necessity. You need to ensure that the performance and safety of your installation continue to align with the latest standards and regulations.

When your equipment reaches the end of its lifecycle, the simplest thing to do is to replace it with a new piece of equipment. Ecofit™ gives you a technically-proven, cost-effective way to upgrade your LV equipment, whether it is a Schneider Electric (Merlin Gerin, SquareD, etc.) or other brand.


  • Improvement of safety, availability, reliability and Quality
  • A roadmap for maintenance and modernization, including ways to reduce OpEx and optimize CapEx
  • Reduction of energy bill
  • Worlwide replication with the same methods and same results

Our Offer

  • Ecofit™: replacement of ageing equipment such as Masterpact M LV circuit breakers
  • Tested, validated and certified solutions by Schneider Electric
  • Switchboard enhancement that’s cost effective and compliant with the latest regulations and technology

The Masterpact M range was launched in 1986. Sales ended in 2003 when it was replaced by the
Masterpact NW.

The aim of the ECOFIT™ solutions, specifically designed around this offer consists in supplying turnkey
■ to extend the life of the panel boards in any simplicity;
■ to give a new dimension to the electrical installations, with “energy management”

“Upgrade your switchgear with optimized cost and minimal downtime”