“It is not the team with the best players that wins,
It is the Players with the best team that win”

The Core Management Team

Rachid M. Katergi

General Manager

M. Salah Dirie

Sales & Marketing Manager

Haitham Jammal

Technical & Projects Manager

Shaji Samuel

Estimation Manager

Esam Atif

Finance Manager

When is the core team a differentiator?

  • Has working with each other for decades
  • Naturally ascribes to same culture
  • Strongly Believes in Mentorship (Personnel / Professional)
  • Takes a common-sense approach to everything
  • Can Speak the language of the business users
  • Believes Learning is an important as knowledge
  • Copious empathy towards customers and colleagues
  • Has Deep competencies that are complimentary

That is when the total is greater than the sum of parts.